Darius Merstein

Inspector Warren

Darius Merstein-MacLeod, was drawn to the stage at the age of six. He built up his musical knowledge through piano lessons at the Music High School in Grünberg ( Poland), but soon discovered his interest in singing. He had his first musical engagement in 1986 as Jesus in „Jesus Christ Superstar“ at the Stagedoor Playhouse. Since then, Darius Merstein-MacLeod has been seen in numerous leading title roles. He has been involved in productions such as “West Side Story”, “The Wizard Of Oz”, “Hair”, “The Little Shop of Horrors”, “Human Pacific” and “The Beauty and the Beast” (tour of the German original).In the title role of the musical „Jekyll & Hyde“, which he played in Bremen from 1999 to 2001, Darius Merstein-MacLeod made his breakthrough in the musical industry in front of a wide audience. In the double role of Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, whom he embodied in around 850 performances, he was also seen in Vienna, Cologne and Baden. This was followed by the role of Sir Percival Blakeney in “The Scarlet Pimpernel” (German-language premiere, Halle / Saale), that of Dr. Pilatus in “POE” (world premiere in Saarbrücken, Munich), Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Erfurt, Innsbruck, Kassel, Regensburg), Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables” „ King and I „(Baden near Vienna), Alberich in “DER RING” ( World premiere, Bonn) and many other leading roles such as „ Count of Monte Christo“ and „The three Musketeers“. In the gala and revue area, Darius Merstein-MacLeod appeared as a soloist in the SDR Big Band (1990– 1995), with whom he also had some of his TV appearances, in “Leading Men” at the Raimund Theater in Vienna „Voestival“ gala „A Tribute To Andrew Lloyd Webber“ in Linz, Austria and in „Revuepalast“ at the legendary Berlin Friedrichstadtpalast.In his career, the artist has worked with many show greats from various musical genres, including Tony Christie, Eugen Cicero, Joy Fleming, Gloria Gaynor, Max Greger Senior and Junior, Horst Jankowski, Paul Kuhn, Mary (Georg Preusse), Elaine Paige, Ingrid Peters, Dieter Reith, Caterina Valente, Ramón Vargas and many more. Darius Merstein-MacLeod’s musical styles cover a wide spectrum, such as jazz, gospel, rock, soul, funk and classical. As the director and composer of the musical „Woman In The Mirror“, Darius Merstein-MacLeod showed other facets of his talent. His directorial work for the musical „Jesus Christ Superstar“ was enthusiastically received by the press and the public. Furthermore, his artistic activities extended to set design, lighting design, mask and graphic design.